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Life as an Ancient Briton… in our Brookburn woodland!

This week, Year 3 experienced and re-enacted what life would be like for the Ancient Britons during the Stone Age. We had to use our imaginations and get into character but with the lush and lively woodland around us it wasn’t too difficult!

We had lots of different activities to focus on in our groups
– Building and making a fire     – making shelters       -making tools

-domesticating animals and farming      -hunting and gathering

Can you work out what activity they are doing in each picture?

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En Francais, A Café! :)

To end the topic “A Café”, children were given the task of learning parts of a French song along with pictures and props.

They had to perform their section to the rest of the class in true X-Factor style in front of a panel of very strict judges!

Well done 3b, your french speaking and understanding skills are truly exellente!

What words or phrases can you remember from ‘A Café’?

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Throwback Thursday! Teaching Y2 what we know about Volcanoes!

We rocked that topic and Year 2 erupted into smiles when we were able to tell them all we had found out! 🙂
3b were lucky enough to be visited by Year 2 so we could show them our amazing creations from our Volcano project. We explained how we made the volcano and all of the materials we used, different parts of the volcano (very technical and scientific) and also any extra information we had found out (reasons for and against living near a volcano, why volcanoes occur, tectonic plates, what happens during an eruption) #awesome #naturalphenomenon #science #learning

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Throwback Thursday! World Book Day!

We dressed up as our favourite characters and explained to each other the reasons why we enjoyed that particular book 🙂 We then went on to write our own story based on an animation called ‘The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore’. I think you will all agree that 3b make such great effort to get involved in the special events at our school and they always have wonderful ideas and reasons to share <3

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Throwback Thursday! International Day!

International Day! We walked the runway to show our costumes and colours! We also shared why we had chosen a certain country, we may have visited there or it may be special to our family. . . I wonder if you can guess some of the countries 3b are representing 🙂


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Comic Relief and shopping in the classroom!

Today, we celebrated Comic Relief by wearing our own clothes or something to look like an animal. To do this we donated £1 each towards the fund. This was fun and we all looked super!
Comic Relief are fantastic as they help the people who need it most, in the UK and other countries.

In Numeracy, we created a large shop inside the two year 3 classrooms and children had to figure out what items they could buy with £20.00 or £25.00.
This involved working with our partner, lots of (accurate) adding up, calculating how much money we had left (the change) and making sure we didn’t over spend! We all worked well together and had some fun 🙂

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Woodland walk

3B had a wonderful experience in the woods in Brookburn’s school grounds! We used our senses and made notes which we then turned into amazing sentences! This experience was to inspire our recent writing topic, describing a woodland setting.
We used adverbs, emotion commas, where openers, when openers, exciting verbs and different conjunctions!
Our writing was very detailed! 🙂

Can you think of any sentences to describe a woodland?

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Half term homework :)


Volcano Project
This half term we have been learning about volcanoes. Can you make a model of a volcano that can be displayed in school? You can choose the materials that you would like to use for your model!

Our target tables for Year 3 are the 2,3,4,5,8 and 10 multiplication tables. Over the holidays, spend some time learning these multiplication facts. The order that we would like you to learn your multiplication tables is:
x2 multiplication tables
x10 multiplication tables
x5 multiplication tables
x3 multiplication tables
x4 multiplication tables
x8 multiplication tables

Keep trying to improve your recall speed. Only progress to the next set of tables once you can recall facts out of order. Get someone to test you at home 🙂
If you can recall all of the facts with speed, do you know the division facts?

Thank you for your support!
Have a wonderful half term everyone 🙂
Miss Lennon and Miss Yiu

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Creating a soundscape. . .

Our topic this term is Volcanoes. During an amazing, engaging drama session we discovered three types of them! We then became those volcanoes and performed different movements and sounds to match them!
http://Spectacular Volcano soundscape on PhotoPeach This inspired us to do some music and make our own ‘Volcano Soundscape’ in groups. Carefully, we created sounds to show the beginning, build up, eruption moment and aftermath of a volcanic eruption! I wish you could hear the sounds that we made.
We even used our own musical code to help each person perform at the right time, speed and volume 🙂

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Class 3b’s full of flavour, fruit wraps!

Our country for International day is China, so we decided to make some fresh fruit wraps and a tasty sauce to drizzle over them!
We tried out using chopsticks to eat them and enjoyed preparing the many fruits we had to work with 🙂 http://Our fantastic,fruity wraps on PhotoPeach

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